5 Shocking Moments: Edwin Diaz’s Ejection and Luis Severino’s Closer Role in New York Mets vs. Chicago Cubs Game

5 Shocking Moments: Edwin Diaz’s Ejection and Luis Severino’s Closer Role in New York Mets vs. Chicago Cubs Game


The New York Mets and Chicago Cubs game on a chilly evening at Wrigley Field was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. For baseball enthusiasts, the matchup promised an exhilarating display of talent, strategy, and raw emotion. Little did anyone know that the game would become one of the most talked-about events of the season, featuring unexpected twists and turns that left fans and analysts alike in utter disbelief.

From the ejection of Mets’ closer Edwin Diaz to the surprising role of Luis Severino, the game was packed with moments that would be etched into the memories of those who witnessed it. This article dives deep into the five most shocking moments of the game, providing a comprehensive analysis of each event, and exploring the implications for both teams moving forward.

Edwin Diaz’s Ejection: A Turning Point

The Build-Up to the Ejection

The game was progressing smoothly until the top of the eighth inning, when Edwin Diaz, known for his electrifying fastballs, took the mound. The tension in the air was palpable as Diaz faced off against some of the Cubs’ most formidable hitters. Diaz’s control seemed off from the start, and it wasn’t long before things took a dramatic turn.

  • First Warning Signs: Diaz’s first few pitches were noticeably wild, causing concern among Mets’ coaching staff and fans alike.
  • Contentious Calls: The umpire’s strike zone seemed to fluctuate, leading to frustration from both Diaz and the Mets’ dugout.
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The Climax: Diaz’s Ejection

The situation reached a boiling point when a borderline pitch was called a ball, leading Diaz to vocalize his discontent. What followed was an intense exchange between Diaz and the home plate umpire, resulting in Diaz being ejected from the game.

  • Immediate Aftermath: The ejection left the Mets scrambling, as they were forced to bring in a reliever on short notice. The Cubs capitalized on the disruption, scoring critical runs that shifted the momentum in their favor.
  • Fan Reactions: Social media exploded with opinions, with some fans blaming the umpire for an inconsistent strike zone, while others criticized Diaz for losing his cool.

Impact on the Game

Diaz’s ejection was a pivotal moment that not only disrupted the Mets’ pitching strategy but also had a psychological impact on the team. The Cubs seized the opportunity to turn the game in their favor, highlighting the importance of maintaining composure under pressure.

  • Strategy Shift: The Mets had to quickly adjust their bullpen strategy, leading to an increased workload for their relievers.
  • Psychological Edge: The Cubs gained a psychological edge, sensing vulnerability in the Mets’ ranks.

Luis Severino’s Unexpected Role as Closer

The Decision to Use Severino

Luis Severino, primarily known as a starting pitcher, found himself in an unfamiliar role as the closer for the Mets in this high-stakes game. The decision raised eyebrows and led to much speculation about the Mets’ strategy.

  • Injury Concerns: With key relievers unavailable due to injuries, the Mets had limited options, prompting the unconventional move to use Severino as the closer.
  • Manager’s Insight: Mets’ manager explained the decision post-game, emphasizing Severino’s versatility and experience as key factors.
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Severino’s Performance

Severino’s performance as the closer was a mixed bag, leaving fans with plenty to discuss. He managed to secure some crucial outs but also allowed hits that kept the game on a knife’s edge.

  • Highs and Lows: Severino’s fastball was effective, but his off-speed pitches lacked the precision needed for a closer role.
  • Fan Reactions: The decision to use Severino was met with mixed reactions, with some applauding his adaptability while others questioned the management’s judgment.

Long-Term Implications

The use of Severino in the closer role opens up several questions about the Mets’ bullpen depth and future strategies. Will Severino continue in this role, or was this a one-time experiment?

  • Future Strategy: The Mets may need to explore additional bullpen options to avoid relying on starters in high-pressure situations.
  • Player Development: Severino’s experience in the closer role could lead to a new chapter in his career, adding a layer of versatility to his skill set.

Other Shocking Moments from the Game

A Controversial Call at Third Base

One of the most debated moments of the game was a controversial call at third base, which had fans and analysts alike questioning the umpire’s judgment.

  • Play Breakdown: The play involved a close tag at third, with the umpire initially calling the runner safe. However, after a lengthy review, the call was overturned, much to the chagrin of Cubs’ fans.
  • Impact on Game Flow: The decision disrupted the Cubs’ momentum, leading to heated exchanges between the players and the umpiring crew.

An Unexpected Home Run

Another shocking moment came when a relatively unknown Mets’ player hit a game-changing home run, turning the tide in favor of the Mets.

  • Player Profile: The player, often relegated to the bench, seized the opportunity to make a significant impact, showcasing the depth of talent within the Mets’ roster.
  • Fan Reactions: The home run was a moment of pure joy for Mets’ fans, who celebrated the unexpected heroics.
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A Game of Errors

The game was also marked by uncharacteristic errors from both teams, adding to the unpredictability and drama.

  • Defensive Mistakes: Key players from both teams made surprising errors, leading to unearned runs and shifting the game’s momentum.
  • Analyst Insights: Post-game analysis highlighted the importance of maintaining focus, especially in high-stakes situations.


What led to Edwin Diaz’s ejection?

Edwin Diaz was ejected following a heated exchange with the home plate umpire over a contentious ball-strike call. Diaz’s frustration with the fluctuating strike zone boiled over, leading to his removal from the game.

Why did the Mets use Luis Severino as a closer?

The Mets were dealing with a depleted bullpen due to injuries, prompting them to use Luis Severino, primarily a starter, as the closer. The decision was based on Severino’s versatility and experience.

How did Diaz’s ejection impact the game?

Diaz’s ejection disrupted the Mets’ pitching strategy and gave the Cubs a psychological edge. The Mets had to quickly adjust their bullpen, leading to an increased workload for their relievers.

What was the outcome of the controversial call at third base?

The controversial call at third base was initially ruled as safe but was overturned after a lengthy review. The decision disrupted the Cubs’ momentum and led to heated exchanges between players and umpires.

Who was the Mets’ player that hit the unexpected home run?

The unexpected home run was hit by a relatively unknown player who often finds himself on the bench. This moment showcased the depth of talent within the Mets’ roster.

What were the key errors made during the game?

Both teams made uncharacteristic errors, leading to unearned runs and shifting the game’s momentum. These mistakes highlighted the importance of maintaining focus in high-pressure situations.


The New York Mets vs. Chicago Cubs game was a masterclass in unpredictability, featuring shocking moments that will be remembered for years to come. From Edwin Diaz’s ejection to Luis Severino’s unexpected role as a closer, the game was filled with drama, strategy shifts, and emotional highs and lows. As both teams move forward, the lessons learned from this game will undoubtedly shape their strategies and performances in future matchups. For fans and analysts alike, this game served as a stark reminder of why baseball remains one of the most thrilling sports in the world.

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